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Invokeys Blueberry Chiffon Switches - Clearance

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V2 Specifications:

  • Light Tactile, inspired by MX Browns
  • Stem: Dustproof style, POM, long pole
  • Top Housing: PC
  • Bottom Housing: Nylon
  • 60g bottom out, 15mm length springs
  • 3.3mm total travel
  • 5 pin MX style latches
  • Factory lubed
  • Manufactured by Aflion

V2 B-stock Disclaimer:

There was an excessive amount of oil lubricant used on the springs, which resulted in more muted and sticky bottom outs, as well as a visible oiliness on the exterior surface of some switches.

It is highly recommended for anyone purchasing to clean these switches before use. The most effective way I’ve found to clean off the excess lubricant on the bottom housing pole hole is to:

  • Ultrasonic clean the bottom housing
  • Insert paper towel/foam to absorb the excess oil

Note: The stem pole may also need to be wiped to reduce the amount of oil lubricant on it.

V2 B-stock switches are FINAL SALE and no refunds or replacements will be offered.

V1 Disclaimer:

Difference from V2:

  • 3.5mm total travel

These switches have been marked down in order to make room for our upcoming revision of these switches, the V2's. These switches have a tendency to have loud leaf ping. While adding lubricant to the leaf does help some, it will not fully eliminate the noise.

Ideas on what you can do with these switches:

  • Frankenswitching - Find a new housing for the stems. These are the source of the tactility.
  • Leaf shroud mod - Tutorial here:
  • Use as is - if you just want the tactile feel, but don't mind the sound
  • Relube and experiment however you like

V1 switches are FINAL SALE and no refunds or replacements will be offered.

What are the Invokeys Blueberry Chiffon Switches?

Introducing the Blueberry Chiffon tactile switches! These are a long pole, light tactile inspired by MX Brown switches. These feature a dustproof POM stem inside a PC top and nylon bottom housing for a light and fun tactile experience!

Design Influences - Why Blueberry Chiffon?

Where we live and grew up in SoCal, there is a specific bakery that makes an iconic Blueberry Chiffon cake. It's a light and airy cake that has ever so slight hints of blueberry flavor and cream. It's regarded as being "not too sweet," making it a household staple that we want to share with you all!

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